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The December update shows an increase in the cost of ground beef from October to November. Eggs continue to be the least expensive source of high-quality protein followed by chicken breast and milk.

Since October, the average cost of ground beef has increased by 6 cents. The average cost of eggs has decreased by 4 cents. Milk, chicken breast, boneless pork chops and beef round roast have each decreased by 1 cent.

Average Retail Cost of High-Quality Protein Foods
Updated December 2017

Complete Protein Food Avg. Cost1 Serving Size Cost per Serving Calories per Serving 2 (kcal) Protein per serving (g) Grams Protein per Dollar Spent (g/$1)
Eggs, grade A large 1.50/doz. 1 egg 0.13 72 6 46
Milk, reduced fat, 2% milkfat 3.15/gal3 8 oz. 0.20 122 8 40
Chicken breast, skinless (boneless) 3.13/lb.4 3 oz. 0.59 102 19 32
Ground beef, 90% lean meat 5.43/lb. 3 oz. 1.01 149 17 17
Pork chop (boneless) 3.80/lb. 3 oz. 0.71 132 18 25
Beef round roast, USDA Choice (boneless) 4.93/lb. 3 oz. 0.92 147 18 20

December 2017 Gram Protein/Dollar

December 2017Protein Chart



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3 Price is for whole milk, no price available for low-fat

4 Price is for boneless chicken breast, no price available for skinless

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