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Eggs in the Classroom

Eggs 101: A Video Project

The American Egg Board is pleased to present Eggs 101 – A Video Project. Produced by PBS 39 WFWA (Fort Wayne, Indiana), this series is designed to be interesting, educational and easy to use. Choose a chaptered subject below.

A Teacher’s Guide PDF is provided as well and includes supplemental reviews and exercises, and is segmented to correspond to each of the subject chapters below.


For a school video project, Josh and Kenlyn decide to research the egg industry. Their assignment is to find out how the egg industry has evolved over the years. Click below to follow Josh and Kenlyn on their egg journey.

Josh and Kenlyn start with the basics – an overview of the hen and the egg – and conclude with a visit to an egg farm for on-location shooting, where the camera follows eggs from the hen house all the way to the refrigerated trucks for delivery.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The Hen

Chapter 3: The Egg

Chapter 4: Egg Farming History

Chapter 5: Road Trip - Purdue

Chapter 6: Road Trip - Egg farm

Chapter 7: Hen House

Chapter 8: Egg Processing

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Egg Production Cycle

Egg Production Cycle


Egg facts