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Related Links

American Egg Board (AEB)
Consumer Website:

Egg Nutrition Information:                               

Egg Nutrition Media Hotline: (312) 233-1211
Egg Safety Center:
Howard Helmer:

American Egg Board (AEB) partners
Avian Influenza:
Partnership for Food Safety Education:,

Egg Industry Associations and Organizations

Egg Sites Outside the US
British Egg Information Service
Canadian Egg Marketing Agency
International Egg Commission
Ontario Egg Producers

Egg Producers and Processors
Almark Foods
American Egg Products, Inc.
Ballas Egg Products Corp.
Braswell Egg Co., Inc.
Brown Produce Company

Cal-Maine Foods Inc. 

CentrumValley Farms LLP

Cargill Kitchen Solutions

Cooper Farms Inc.

Cotner Farms Inc.         

Country Charm Egg Dist.

Creighton Bros., LLC

Crystal Lake LLC
Deb-El Foods Corp
Dynes Farms Inc.
Echo Lake Foods, Inc.
Eggland's Best
Egg Low Farms, Inc.
Eggology Inc.
Farmer John Egg Enterprises

Fassio Egg Farms Inc.
Happy Egg Dealers Inc.
Henningsen Foods, Inc.
Hickman's Egg Ranch Inc.
Hidden Villa Ranch
ISE Newberry Inc.
Jake's Inc.

Kreider Farms

L&R Farms Inc.
Lakeside Poultry Ranch   

Lehman's EggService Inc.  

Mahard Egg Farm Inc.               

Michael Foods Inc.Egg Products Co.

Moark LLC

Morning Fresh Farms Inc.

Mussman's Back Acres Inc.

National Egg Products, Div Rose Acre Farms, Inc.
National Food Corporation
Newburg Egg Corp
Nulaid Foods, Inc.
Ohio Fresh Eggs, LLC
Oskaloosa Foods Products

Petaluma Farms

Pete & Gerry's Organic
Primera Foods Corporation
R W Sauder, Inc.
Rembrandt Enterprises Inc.
Rose Acre Farms Inc.
Rosemary Farm

SKS Enterprises

Simpson's Eggs Inc.
Sonstegard Foods Company
Sparboe Companies

S&R Egg Farm

Stiebrs Farms Inc.

Sunrise Acres Egg Farms

Taylor Egg Products Inc.
Texas Egg Products

Trillium Farm
Wabash Valley Produce, Inc.
Weaver Brothers, Inc.
Wilcox Farms, Inc.
Willamette Egg Farms LLC

Vande Bunte Eggs

Government Agencies and Universities
Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service
Cornell University Chicken & Eggs Gopher Site
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
USDA Agricultural Research Service
USDA Be Food Safe
USDA Food Guide Pyramid
USDA Market News Reports via North Carolina State University
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service