Speakers’ Bureau

Speakers' Bureau

Do you know how eggs get from the farm to your table? Mostly likely not because only 2 percent of our country’s population produces food for the rest of our country. Long gone are the days of farmers collecting eggs in baskets by hand and taking them to market.

America’s egg farmers launched the Good Egg Project to educate Americans about the modern egg farming and the benefits of eggs. Since 2009, the Good Egg Project Speakers’ Bureau has reached more than 20,000 Americans.

Learn about the different types of eggs, production systems and the advanced technology used by today’s farmers to put eggs on your family’s table. Good Egg Project speakers are farmers, business leaders and community supporters who can shed light and generate discussion on today’s farms and modern animal care. 

Want to invite one of America’s egg farmers to speak to your group? Email Ashley Richardson, arichardson -at- aeb.org, and include your organization’s name, meeting location and dates you would like a speaker.

Please visit us at IncredibleEgg.org/good-egg-project to learn about the Good Egg Project.


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Egg Production Cycle


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