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A variety of activity pages will supplement the lesson plans, from hen-to-home mazes to labeling the parts of the egg, these pages can used for a variety of ages.

Egg Diagram Fill-in-the-Blank, without Answers

Egg Diagram Fill-in-the-Blank, Answers Key

An Egg’s Journey


Certificates of Rec-egg-nition
Your students and parents will love these take-home notes. VIEW PDF


Egg Brush-Up (Video)
What can an egg show you about brushing your teeth? Grades K - 5. VIEW PDF

How to Fold an Egg
If you think folding an egg sounds crazy and messy, you just might be mistaken. Grades K-5. VIEW PDF

The Naked Egg
Watch an egg shed its shell with this simple experiment that demonstrates an acid-base reaction and osmosis. Grades K-5. VIEW PDF

Standing On Eggs
Jaws will drop and eyes will pop when you prove that eggs are way stronger than they’re cracked up to be. Grades K-5. VIEW PDF

Strong As an Egg
What does an egg have to do with architecture and strength? Grades K-5. VIEW PDF

Egg Drop
Putting an egg into a glass of water sounds like a cinch, right? Grades K-5. VIEW PDF

Egg Geodes
Transform a humble egg shell into a gem of a geode. Grades 4-7. VIEW PDF

Put an Egg In a Bottle
Amaze your students with an eye-popping demonstration that will help them understand key concepts about air pressure. Grades 4-7. VIEW PDF

The Incredible, Chemical, Volcanic and Uncrushable egg (3 eggsperiments)
Have you ever cooked an egg with alcohol, turned an egg into a volcano or had a hard time breaking a raw egg...well today's your lucky day. Grades 4-8. VIEW PDF

Make An Egg Float (Video)
You’ve probably heard of a root beer float, but an egg float? Grades 6-9. VIEW PDF

Shrinking and Growing Eggs
Two identical eggs — two different results. Look into chemical reactions and permeability. Grades 6-9. VIEW PDF

Egg Production Cycle

Egg Production Cycle


Egg facts