In a word—Yum!

Delicious Samples Planned for IFT Booth 2801.

Visitors to the Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Meeting & Expo this July 16-19 in Chicago will want to pay a daily visit to the American Egg Board’s booth 2801, or risk missing out on some delicious samples—samples that coincidentally highlight the functional properties of egg ingredients.

A Key Lime Cookie Cup topped with marshmallow meringue gives the retro dessert trend a bit of zing. It features an individual tartlet that relies on a traditional sugar cookie formulation for the crust, filled with a citrus key lime curd, topped with a light, airy marshmallow meringue. Within the sugar cookie, eggs contribute to aeration and emulsification, structure, flavor, color and anti-staling. The classic citrus curd, flavored with key lime, relies on whole eggs for thickening, emulsification, richness and flavor. Egg white of course is responsible for the meringue’s light and airy texture via its aeration and foaming properties.

Playful miniature push pops, portable and indulgent, feature layers of a rosemary olive oil pound cake and two mousse components; the first, blood orange and the second a dark chocolate. The pound cake uses liquid whole eggs for aeration, emulsification, structure, flavor, color and anti-staling properties. The mousse layers use both egg yolk and egg white, with the yolk contributing richness, some structure and emulsification while the egg white helps aerate the mousse.

Within the push pop the rosemary pound cake introduces a savory note, with the blood orange mousse adding a slight bitter twist while the dark chocolate helps balance and round out the flavors.

Finally, Dulce de Leche Pudding with Pumpkin Seed Crunch features rich custard flavored with caramel and vanilla bean and topped with a sweet, yet spicy cinnamon-glazed pumpkin seed crunch. The pudding incorporates egg yolk for creaminess and flavor and capitalizes on its emulsifying and thickening properties for proper texture. Egg white helps the cinnamon spice mixture adhere to the pumpkin seeds and aids with crisping and browning for the topping overall.

Each sample plays off of the trend for individual or single-serving size indulgent treats, portable and perfect for snacking. Each also can be easily reproduced in an individual bakery or manufacturing environment. Show attendees are welcome to ask about the formulations used for these samples. We look forward to hearing your reviews! See you in July.

2016-05-23 08:28:18

Breakfast all day, everywhere…and in the grocery aisles

Americans are not just waking up to breakfast, they’re demanding it morning, noon and night. Every format possible is being explored including handheld, breakfast bowls, breakfast burritos and customizable options that aren’t necessarily portable, but fit into the hearty, filling and better-for-you category. Breakfast share is split among multiple outlets as restaurants and quick serve compete with convenience stores and groceries for the breakfast dining dollar. What this does mean though, is there is a piece of the breakfast market available for the savvy marketer who pays attention to the trends and develops a product that meets consumer need.

An article in Convenience Store Decisions last Fall profiled one chains’ breakfast menu and all aspects of breakfast sales are doing well. Breakfast egg and meat sandwiches are “top sellers” however custom-made breakfast plates are also popular. Breakfast bowls are also big sellers, including one that contains a casserole of scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, cheese, onions, peppers and gravy are doing well too. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

As an aside, breakfast bowls might achieve popularity simply based on the container. A recent article in BBC speaks to the surprising psychology that drives consumer purchases or enjoyment of a meal served in a bowl versus the same food served on a plate. This perception might extend to a prepared bowl breakfast in the grocery aisle.

Translating breakfast popularity into grocery store sales is not only possible, it’s already happening. The fastest growing category by far, according to Nielsen’s “Tops of 2015: U.S. Grocery” report was shelf-stable convenience breakfast, with dollar sales up an amazing 40.5 percent.

This could be explained in part, by another statistic. While restaurant sales are brisk for all-day breakfast at certain chains, when eating in transit, a full 63 percent of consumers, according to one poll, say they will grab something from home. This means food manufacturers have an excellent opportunity to create convenient and filling breakfast options for those busy consumers.

When creating a breakfast dish convenience is key, but health and nutrition also are important considerations. Another article in Grocery Headquarters states, “More and more, people are beginning to realize that consuming too much sugar or not enough fiber or protein first thing in the morning can effect how they feel for the rest of the day.”

Breakfast bowls, plates and sandwiches that include REAL eggs can certainly answer the challenge to supply energy and protein in a pleasing yet satiating format for the consumer. Eggs can help create convenient and nutritious meals for breakfast anywhere and anytime.

2016-05-09 13:45:53