While many are predicting cupcakes will fade away, their popularity appears to remain strong. This home-style favorite stars as a blank palette that can take on any personality, fresh and fruity, decadent, exotic or traditional…with a twist.

One shop in Minneapolis has expanded its variety of cupcake offerings to 70 from 40 just a few years ago. And as cupcakes continue this snowball of popularity, other home-style, single-serve desserts are following in their wake. Some predict these homestyle cakes will star as a hot trend on wedding buffets in 2013.

Any successful cupcake or single-serve homestyle dessert relies on quality ingredients. From red velvet to angel food cakes, rich chocolate confections to French vanilla, proper structure, texture and rise depend on the eggs used in the baking process. Most commercial cupcakes must withstand the freeze/thaw cycle from bakery to utilization and egg ingredients’ functional properties ensure the premium mouthfeel and structure will hold fast through delivery to consumption. That’s having your cake and eating it too…and enjoying every mouthful.

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Trends data shows breakfast items are extending across the menu at restaurants to other dayparts as an economical choice for patrons seeking comfort food.

In fact, the penetration of restaurants currently menuing breakfast is rising, and the erosion of traditional dayparts is expanding the hours when breakfast is served.

This trend plays to the benefit of both consumers and foodservice operators. According to QSR Magazine, eating breakfast for dinner allows customers a “wallet-friendly way to eat out and enjoy the comfort food they love.”

And in an era of rising ingredient costs operators need affordable options that can star at the center of the plate. National Restaurant Association reports that operators striving to contain costs are resisting the idea of raising menu prices. One-third of operators responding to the 2013 trends survey said to avoid this scenario they are changing menu choices and 25% are adjusting plate composition.

Eggs and egg ingredients offer an affordable protein option that helps contain costs. In addition, their incredible versatility helps create breakfast-style comfort food designed to suit any flavor palate.  Eggs and egg ingredients can help breakfast move comfortably into its new menu territory.

2013-02-05 14:36:28