Nuggets from Chef Walter

Dessert serves as a reward and soothes the sweet tooth and the more indulgent the treat, the better. Decadent chocolate, artisan pastries, rare fruits, nuts, eggs, butter and a host of other ingredients provide sumptuous possibilities. A careful eye to formulation, ingredient selection and processing help ensure gourmet results.

What defines a “gourmet” dessert? Is it a matter of ingredients, craftsmanship or culinary tradition?

It’s all the above. Gourmet is a cultural idea connected to classical food and beverages that have been refined or embellished to follow current trends. Gourmet desserts combine fine ingredients with the best skill to present an enhanced version of a culinary tradition.

Finale Desserts creates traditional desserts from the finest ingredients, while trying new flavors, to provide the guest with an experience. You see this in artisan pastry shops across the country. Authentic, creative well-crafted comfort food is suddenly turned into gourmet. Artisan is taking a basic dessert, such as an egg rich grape nut pudding and elevating to a Vanilla Bean Grape Nut Pudding with a Crystallized Ginger Anglaise Chocolate Crispy Pizzelli. To view some of our latest egg-rich desserts, click here.

Chef Walter Zuromski is president and culinary director of Chef Services Group, Inc. and the culinary advisor to the American Egg Board.

2012-09-18 21:36:35