Calories Do Matter…And Eggs Complement Low‐Calorie Formulations

If you have not heard, once again, calories seem to be counting. Consumers forgot that at the end of the day, what prevents weight gain is this balanced equation: Calories in = calories out.

Indeed, teaching consumers about calories and how excess intake contributes to weight gain is a major initiative to help Americans combat obesity. Thus, it is the perfect time to introduce lower‐calorie, healthful foods and beverages. Egg products are ideal for such formulations. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, egg products provide flavor, functionality, visual appeal and nutrition to low‐calorie formulations.

And, if you are not convinced, here’s some new news. The American Egg Board funded  research at Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich. Results show that when subjects ate a breakfast of two eggs (with toast and jelly), they had greater satiety than when they ate a breakfast of a bagel, cream cheese and yogurt.
The breakfasts had the same number of calories, yet the egg breakfast made them feel fuller, which resulted in the subject eating fewer calories during the following 24‐hour period.

Using egg products to formulate foods intended for weight loss, or simply lower‐calorie, nutrient‐dense foods for today’s increasingly calorie‐conscious consumer has never been easier. Learn about the various AEB formulating tools available to food and beverage manufacturers elsewhere in the American Egg Board Egg Product Reference CD.

2010-10-20 11:46:58