Protein snacks packs: A hard-boiled story

Savory characters can have their ‘sweet’ spots and hard-boiled eggs are no exception. The growing popularity of protein snack packs led to a new consumer survey conducted by Datassential, revealing that hard-boiled eggs could play the hero in snack pack concepts that attract consumer interest and spark purchase intent. Researchers tested product concepts to determine the type of hard-boiled egg pairings and packaging that were most appealing. The research also zeroed in on key characteristics of protein snack purchasers and identified purchasing triggers.

Frequency … Nearly 80 percent of protein pack buyers purchase them at least monthly. Furthermore, 41 percent overall purchase these types of protein boxes at least weekly, with that share varying widely by brand.

Dayparts Purchase intent is not tied to a specific daypart. Most consumers in fact, say they purchase a protein pack as a snack (64 percent), while 59 percent said purchase intent is tied to the lunch/dinner segment and 52 percent say they purchase protein packs for breakfast.

Descriptors Half of all consumers believe that the word “pack” best describes a protein snack option, with approximately one-third or 29 percent favoring the word “kit,” while “box” came in third.

Survey respondents said they would be most interested in and likely to buy hard-boiled eggs as snacks if they came in portable packaging, with the addition of flavor and more prominent nutritional benefit communication on package labels. Also, consumers seem to prefer their proteins paired together, citing preferences in combo packs for hard-boiled eggs to be paired with meat, cheese, nuts or fruit.

Savory’s Sweet Spot

The company tested a few hard-boiled egg snack pack concepts, including packaging and label designs, with the consumer groups. Among prototypes tested, the two that scored the highest included a two-egg protein snack pack including seasoning, and a three-compartment “protein power” snack box that featured a hard-boiled egg, cheese and roasted edamame. These two concepts among those tested, exhibited the highest earnings potential, scoring well for factors including high purchase intent, uniqueness, frequency and draw.

This combination of high purchase intent and a high uniqueness is considered the “sweet spot” for new product concept development. If you’re interested in more specifics concerning product concept development and survey results from Datassential, send me an email. Or, to find producers that distribute precooked hard-boiled eggs and other precooked egg products to start creating protein snack pack concepts, try checking our online Egg Product Buyer’s Guide

2016-12-19 08:08:44