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Welcome to the American Egg Board

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The American Egg Board is the U.S. egg producers' link to consumers - communicating eggs' nutritional and economic values. As the egg industry's promotional arm, AEB strives to implement a results-oriented marketing program that achieves success through national marketing initiatives. is dedicated to industry professionals looking for reliable support materials related to the Incredible Edible Egg. You'll find links to informative newsletters and industry publications, recipes for Foodservice Professionals, our comprehensive buyer's guide for Food Manufacturers and much, much more.

Foodservice Professionals

The breakfast daypart continues to be of great interest to foodservice operators. Whether eaten on-premise, in the car or at the office, breakfast offers the operator opportunities to increase traffic and grow margins. Eggs are a ubiquitous part of breakfast and provide the highest-quality protein, versatility and convenience. The low food-cost provides operators with profitable opportunities to give their guests great value. Our goal is to provide you with data-driven information that will help you make good decisions about your breakfast program.

Food Manufacturers

One of nature’s most perfect foods makes other foods perfect too. Versatile real egg products offer a wide array of functionality, including coagulation, emulsification, foaming and crystallization control. Egg products are a valuable tool in meeting diverse formulation requirements, while helping to provide clean labels product developers seek and consumers’ desire, naturally.


Consumers like eggs' versatility and their variety of cooking uses. And, they are looking for information on delicious, nutritious meals, which feature eggs as a major ingredient. We want to ensure the best quality egg products arrive at the store for consumers by providing best practices regarding egg handling at retail. Support materials, promotion strategies and educational newsletters can be found within this section.